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  • Conservatorship of the Person

  • Conservatorship of the Estate

What is a Conservator?

A conservator is court-appointed to make decisions regarding the personal and financial affairs of an individual with a disability who because of their disability, is not capable to making decisions on their own.

Who Needs a Conservator?

Conservators may be appointed for the “person” and/or the “estate.” Conservators of the person are responsible to handling the personal and medical matters involving the person with a disability. A conservator of the estate handles and manages the financial matters/

Who Can Serve as Conservator?

Typically close family members request to serve, however other loved-ones are professionals can be appointed. To serve you cannot have a felony record, have served time in prison, be on a sex-offender registry, or obe on an adult -abuse registry.

Conservatorship Process*

The process begins with filing a petition with the court to have a conservator appointed. The individual will need to be evaluated by a doctor or psychologist and the court may appoint a Guardian ad Litem to conduct an investigation. There will be a hearing to determine whether a conservator is needed. Depending on whether a conservator of the estate is appointed, there may be ongoing accounting obligations for the conservator.


*varies based on specificities of each case

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